Spring Has Sprung at ASE Group!

Tulips in bloom
Spring has sprung. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to “get organized” and somehow now that is a distant thought, we hope the following, Spring’s you into action. ASE Group wanted to share some top Springtime organizational tips to freshen up your desk as well as your work.

Did you know it has been proven that there are many benefits to being organized? Such as: reducing stress, improving health, and allowing more time to relax with friends and family. So why not try to make this chore, a new fun habit for Spring.

  1. Start a new habit of being organized – Put 5 minutes on your calendar daily to go through all the things you have on your desk.
  1. Do it in sections – Clean one section at time so not to become overwhelmed, it’s better than not at all.
  1. Ditch the ink – If you reach for a pen and it doesn’t work, toss it out.
  1. Sort your papers – Go through the stacks on your desk. Make a system and stick with it.
  1. Clean your computers and other electronics – We use them daily so take a few minutes to clean them up. Use a keyboard cleaner or air spray can.
  1. Contain the cords – Cords are everywhere and can be an eye sore. Use a binder clip for a neater look.
  1. Organize your emails – New emails come in everyday, organize and sort them for ease of reference.
  1. Get a better to-do list – Use your email as a communication tool, not as your to-do list.
  1. Get a basket (or two) – Magazines and industry trade pubs offer great reading material but not when they are thrown about your work space. Find a basket to keep under your desk to file publications.
  1. Ask the tough questions – Do you really need to keep that item, note or file? If you have to ask see #11.
  1. Remember the round file

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Spring is also a perfect time to evaluate your business partnerships as well. Are your meeting and event vendors offering your business fresh, new, and unique experiences at your meetings and events? Have the outcomes of your meetings and events become stale or unchanged? If you are not delivering an “All Senses Experience” for your guests then you may be missing the mark and leaving attendees disengaged and wondering.

ASE Group has been producing meetings and events for close to 30 years by infusing key brand messaging and fresh creative into events. We are “brand translators”, and when a brand message is effectively translated through meetings and events guests are engaged and depart invigorated with a full understanding of how to implement strategic objectives.

If you are looking for a fresh approach and measurable outcomes please contact ASE Group. We would love to help your business with a Spring cleanout. Please contact us for additional information.


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