IHOP Restaurants

ASE Group Tradeshow


ASE Group was called upon to help rebuild and transform a variety of programs including their International Franchise Conference (IFC), which eventually turned into their flagship event. We recognized the need to improve dialogue with the team and also the opportunity to grow vendor partner relationships and sponsorships. Initially there were no sponsorship dollars allocated to support the conference.


ASE Group played an integral role in the design and management of IHOP’s sponsorship program and tradeshow. Simply by listening to the goals and needs of the vendor partners, ASE Group distilled that vendors were looking for an opportunity to exclusively connect with the leadership team. By implementing a Vendor Roundtable Breakfast, Leadership spent dedicated time with suppliers, listening to their feedback, and addressing their questions.


Our recommendation and leadership of an organized, cohesive sponsorship program brought in almost $2 million dollars to offset the cost of their program spend, and became a foundation to managing costs and vendor relationships. Due to this shared time and partnership, results were one of the most successful LTO (limited time offer) that ultimately turned into a regular menu item.

ASE Case Study - IHOP