Let Me Explain Why We Exclaim!

ASE Group Inc.
ASE Group, Inc. has spent 25+ years perfecting our talents to master the art of everything that is entailed in producing a meeting or event, and we were quite proud with what we have accomplished. But, it was time to take ASE Group to the next level. For the past year we have focused on doing what we do best, brand translating. This time the focus of our efforts was going to be our own company. We dug deep into our own brand, peeling back each layer to reveal the true essence of our organization (the culture, the people, our service offerings). What was the current ASE brand communicating? What could we do to raise the bar for ourselves and continue to differentiate ourselves from other “event firms” out there? This process resulted in a revised brand position, and launching our new logo and website.

ASE Group, Inc. is exclaiming to one and all, high and low, North to South, East to West! Now, let me explain why we exclaim …

Our internal rebranding process revealed an emphatic passion for our own company, our clients and their brands. We felt a sense of responsibility to our clients and colleagues to share this passion via our Core Values (none more important than the next): Building Relationships, Creativity, Passion, Accountability, Sense of Urgency, and Respectfully Speak Your Truth. There is no better way to show your passion whether it be visually or orally than with an exclamation!

ASE is not afraid to exclaim, “YOUR BRAND IS OUR PASSION!” There, we said it! We are so passionate that a partnership with ASE Group will drive results at your next conference, that we trademarked the All Senses Experience (ASE). The All Senses Experience is our own 6th sense – the LIVE EXPERIENCE – that fully captures the essence of your brand, infusing the brand’s message into every element of the meeting, conference or event.

And while we are at it, we’ll throw another exclamation out there; ASE Group, Inc. is dedicated to Franchise, Dealer and Retail Meetings. At ASE Group, our primary focus as meeting and event planners is to produce Franchise Conferences, Meetings and Events. In fact, 75% of our business involves franchise, or dealer-specific events. Franchise organization meetings of all kinds are our specialty. We understand the relationship between Corporate’s vision, the vendor/supplier relationship, and the franchisees/dealers. No need to explain it to us … we get it, in fact, we’ve been getting it for more than 25 years, and that’s why so many franchise corporations call us the experts!

We can continue exclaiming, but what’s the fun in exclaiming via text? Contact our exceptional event team, so we can continue to explain why we exclaim!


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