Florals 101

ASE Group Floral Training
Here at ASE Group we had the pleasure of having the floral expert, Larry Wheeler, into our office to show us a few tips and tricks on getting the most out of flowers for an event. During this time, he taught us why florals are important and the basic needs of flowers.

Why Florals?

Why not?! Florals are an important piece of event décor. They are used to make a statement the moment attendees walk in the room, to the centerpieces, or stage set. Nothing is more traditional or cross-cultural than flowers. They help illustrate a theme and evoke guests to expel emotions and/or memories. Consider florals as an enhancement to your events where it is important to consider when and where they will have the most impact. As brand-innovators, the ASE Group Team strives to think about how to use flowers and arrangements strategically to help emulate client’s brand or program theme.

Floral Basics

There are three important pieces when it comes to taking care of flowers – sanitation, temperature, and nutrition. To ensure that your flowers stay healthy for a longer period of time, use the following tips:

Sanitation: Before processing and arranging flowers, ensure that all buckets, vases, and snipping tools, are cleaned. It is recommended to use Clorox and water solution. It is extremely important to do this step, as bacteria can deplete and ruin a flower’s growth potential.

Temperature: Flowers grow best when they are stored between 32°-35° prior and post to processing and arranging. If you are on-site at an event, do your best to keep florals away from “hotspots” or areas without air-conditioning. Tropical flowers are the exception as they are best stored in warm temperatures, and should be store around 50°. Note that humidity also affects flowers as it makes them perspire.

Nutrition: Flowers consist of two major substances: sugars and carbohydrates. Similar to people, plants need water and food to grow and survive. There are several types of plant foods sold on the market, offered in both liquid and powder forms. Quick Dip is one of the easiest-to-use flower preservatives on the market. If you plunge the floral stems into the Quick Dip, it chemically provides acid that opens up the stem’s pores. It is crucial to read and follow the plant food instructions to allow the flowers to grow fully and live longer.

Flowers are a type of décor that will never go out of style. As long as you take proper care of them, by sanitizing your floral prep gear, storing your flowers at the proper temperature, and feed your flowers with plant food and water, your flowers will live a long and healthy life.


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