Conference Sponsorship Marketing Programs – Building Relationships That Last!

Targeted Sponsorship Marketing
Forging strong partnerships with your suppliers is critical to advancing your goals and making your brand the best it can be. Sponsor and Vendor contributions are pivotal to the success of meetings, conferences and events. ASE Group excels in building supplier and vendor relationships and developing effective sponsorship marketing programs that will attract sponsors to contribute and off-set the costs of your event.

You’ve gathered your list of suppliers, contacted everyone and made the ever important ask for support. Now you have a list of committed vendors and money coming in the door…now what? Now-a-days sponsors are more invested in the ROI, than just seeing their name printed in an attendee packet. ASE Group has been developing unique sponsorship programs with our clients for over 30 years. We have seen client’s sponsorship dollars grow by leaps and bounds because of the dedication we put forth to attract, manage and recognize sponsors. From the minute sponsors receive the branded/themed invitation to participate, and register on a “vendor specific” website they are put in the hands of our caring Sponsorship Coordinators. We like to consider our Sponsorship Coordinators as “engineers” of sorts – they build the bridges that keep the sponsors connected and relevant to the process planning their involvement with the conference.

Every sponsorship program is different, but what remains consistent is what the sponsors “gets” for committing to their sponsorship level. Yes, there is the standard recognition of a slide on the main stage or a printed advertisement in the program but, are these uninspiring recognitions the return sponsors are looking for? We have found that by giving sponsors direct access to the Corporate Team and “decision makers” is the golden ticket. We have done this in the form of Vendor Round Tables where sponsors can sit down with Executive Leadership and get the face time they are craving. As well as, Q & A’s, vendor exclusive special meal functions, and even pre-cocktail receptions for higher level sponsors will satiate the need for sponsors to feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions to the brand.

It is essential to remember no matter the level, every sponsor has a seat at the table. Because your sponsor allocated funds to support your cause they deserve to be connected and have access to Corporate/Executive Team, Attendees and other sponsors within network.


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