It’s Time to Talk – Succession Planning for Your Franchise

Succession planning is an essential to future business success. The unique quality of franchisees is that this is quite often a family affair. It is a heavy burden to bare for current franchisees to lift into the next generation – familial or not! Dan Iosue from writes, “You need a forum to provide a safe place for building the… More

Now is the Time to Start Franchising!

Entrepreneurs of all ages that embrace the spirit of ownership should look to franchising as a steadfast business opportunity. 2017 has shown low unemployment rates, meaning the job market is fierce. Eddy Goldberg of writes, “Franchising offers that help, providing a successful business model; a proven system; structure; training in how to start, manage, and grow your business; a… More

“Netiquette” – Minding Your Virtual “P’s” and “Q’s”

Social media has become a forum for global expression of yourself. Netiquette Essentials author, Scott Steinberg outlines the proper use of social media platforms; defining the new rules of engagement. 3 Important Tips: Assume that everything you post online can be seen by others. History shows us that privacy breaches are relevant and rampant. Log out of your social media… More