Conference Sponsorship Marketing Programs – Building Relationships That Last!

Forging strong partnerships with your suppliers is critical to advancing your goals and making your brand the best it can be. Sponsor and Vendor contributions are pivotal to the success of meetings, conferences and events. ASE Group excels in building supplier and vendor relationships and developing effective sponsorship marketing programs that will attract sponsors to contribute and off-set the costs… More

4 Ways To Enhance Your Next Tradeshow

As a meeting planner, it is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to planning the tradeshow component of a program. After all, you have the traditional format with rows of exhibit booths and food stations down to a repeating science—why bother changing it up? Well, for those seasoned attendees and sponsors, a change of pace will… More

Optimizing Your Franchisee Conventions:
Part 3 – Year-Long Optimization

Did the momentum from your event fade away? By using strategies and tools, you can keep the excitement from your meeting, event, or conference alive. In the previous articles, Evan Hackel, describes how to maximize the benefits to your franchisees but regardless of what is built up, if it is not maintained, the purpose of your event may be diminished… More

Optimizing Your Franchisee Conventions:
Part 2 – Maximizing the Benefits of Your Franchisee Convention

ASE Group, Inc. wholeheartedly agrees with Evan Hackel, Principal and Founder of Ingage Consulting, when he states that “there is no better advertisement or promotion of your convention than having a top-quality event”. With over 35 years in the industry, we understand how to provide not only your franchisees but managers, corporate, and internal employee’s a conference, meeting, and/or event… More

Optimizing Your Franchisee Conventions:
Part 1 – Maximizing High Attendance

When communicating to franchisees, it is important to understand how to get more franchisees to attend your convention, how to get the maximum benefit from your conventions, and how you can extend the life of your conventions and ensure you derive the maximum benefit from them. Evan Hackel with Franchise Update, dives into the “How” of optimizing your franchisee conventions… More

Projection Mapping – One of the Fastest Growing Tech Trends of the Year

Projection Mapping is all over the lips of the A/V world, as it is one of the fastest growing tech trends. This technology has been emerging for some time; the most recognizable use would be the Madonna Superbowl Halftime show. If you have not experienced all that is projection mapping, I suggest you get on board as it is the… More

Keeping Multi-Tasking Attendees Engaged Throughout Your Content Rich Sessions

The intention of corporate conferences is to engage, inspire and educate; with today’s attendees being distracted with so many avenues of technology to connect, it can become difficult trying to convey the large amount of content during General Session and breakouts. Don’t get us wrong, we want attendees to be as productive as possible; specifically for our franchise events, attendees… More