Members of the team at ASE Group had the opportunity to provide lunch service at the Kansas City Community Kitchen on Tuesday, November 8th. We fulfilled a variety of needs that allowed the facility to operate as a restaurant rather than a soup kitchen. It also gave us the opportunity to experience the operational side of the restaurant business!

Our team served as hostesses, servers, bussers and kitchen staff allowing diners to be served their meal and beverage while they relaxed at their table. In our daily work, we create an All Senses Experience for our clients, and this was a chance to create a dining with dignity experience for the guests of Kansas City Community Kitchen. 

It was a tremendous experience to engage with the members of our community in service and conversation, fostering a sense of camaraderie and hopefully creating a bright spot in each diner’s day. The Community Kitchen is always looking for volunteers and donations, so please consider how you can contribute to their cause. Please visit

ASE Group Volunteers
ASE Group Volunteers
ASE Group Volunteers

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