All Senses Experience™

Whether we are working with the client directly or their ad agency, ASE implements the All Senses Experience™ (ASE). Based on our initial five senses (sight, smell, sound, touch and taste) we have developed an extra sense – the live experience – that fully captures the essence of a brand, infusing the brand’s message into every element of the meeting, conference, or event. It builds upon the human element to interact, network, touch, feel and believe in something bigger than themselves. The live experience completes the senses, and without it, no brand can fully achieve its potential … or communicate the high impact results you can expect from an ASE event, or better known in our world as the All Senses Experience™.

ASE Group, Inc. houses expert teams in creative and logistics, known today as strategy and tactics, the overall approach is to intuitively, instinctively and viscerally infuse your company’s core messaging into the live experience for attendees from registration, printed materials, meal functions, and team building, to general session stage production, tradeshow, sponsorship exposure, and evening event functions. Our results are unprecedented from start to finish. Just as your brand is unique, your meetings will be one of a kind.

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