6 Ways to Promote Hashtags at Events

As the use of Twitter and Instagram has become universal at events, marketers have started using hashtags—words or phrases preceded by the # symbol—to drive public attention to the brand and its gathering, while simultaneously boosting guest interaction. Twitter is an essential tool for top brands to engage with customers, with 97 percent now using it compared to just 62 percent in 2011, according to Bandwatch. At events, Twitter helps companies carry their messages beyond the in-person audience to millions of people around the world.

To publicize official tags, an increasing number are incorporating the keyword into the physical elements of their promotions, from printing them on cocktail napkins to marking entrance bracelets with the phrase. Here are 6 unique ideas for promoting hashtags at events.

1.The Writings On The Wall
A simple way to draw attention to an official hashtag is to place a call to action on a wall. Whether is be a banner, gobo or decal, placement is key. Put It On Signage and Printed Materials
Plain and simple, attendees often look to signage for direction and/or information, and typically have their conference agendas with them. This is the perfect opportunity to display your hashtag.

2. Make It Larger Than Life
Increasingly common at events is the use of large video screens to display Twitter chatter. Attendees love seeing themselves make it to the big screen! Remember: a program with a filter is essential so nothing inappropriate is displayed by mistake.

3. Provide A Memento
Everyone loves a give-away! Incorporating your hashtag will help your tag see well beyond the event. Try using a photobooth as a way to distribute the hashtags. Users would have the hashtag printed at the bottom of the photo strip as a souvenir. There are also devices where attendees can immediately upload their photo session directly to facebook/twitter/instagram.

4. Make It A VIP Experience
Incorporate your hashtag into an existing red carpet, or step in repeat type banner – it should be featured where you know the photos will be.

5. Print It On Functional Items
A more subtle approach is to use the hashtag on cocktail napkins, servers (t-shirts, buttons….), pens –anything that will bring attention to the tag.

6. Put It Where Guests Gather
Find a location where groups tend to gather, such as a tradeshow or registration area.
Bars are almost always the most crowded areas of an event, and in addition to displaying the affair’s signature cocktails, drink menus can be marked with a hashtag.


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