4 Ways To Enhance Your Next Tradeshow

ASE Group Tradeshow
As a meeting planner, it is easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to planning the tradeshow component of a program. After all, you have the traditional format with rows of exhibit booths and food stations down to a repeating science—why bother changing it up? Well, for those seasoned attendees and sponsors, a change of pace will instill excitement, maximize the attendee and sponsor experience and make them look forward to your next tradeshow year after year.

Here are four simple way to enhance your tradeshow:

1. Use an open booth concept

Create the illusion of a more spacious show floor by trading the standard 8-foot tall pipe and drape with low 3-foot barriers instead. When you have limited space, or want to give a different look to the same room you’ve used for years, this simple visual trick will create a fun networking experience, make your attendees feel less cramped than in the typical sea of draping, while also keeping your sponsors happy by still having their own space.

2. Ditch the aisles of pipe and drape and adapt a more fun and dynamic layout

Play with the layout of your vendor booths and create pods, sections or a path that will make it more interesting for your attendees to explore. Approach your tradeshow layout with an out-of-the-box mindset and opt for lounges, action food stations and bars mixed in with the vendors to keep your attendees on their toes to see what they’ll discover next.

3. Surprise attendees and sponsors with live entertainment

Your guest will do a double-take when they unexpectedly stumble upon Elvis casually strolling amongst the attendees. Unannounced, live entertainment will add an element of surprise to your event that will create a lasting memory.

4. Develop interactive experiences

Adding an interactive element to your tradeshow with games, product demonstrations, or competitive challenges will leave guests with a positive lasting impression. Look for opportunities to create promote two-way dialogue between attendees and the sponsors.

Your tradeshow is a delicate balance between work and play where attendees enjoy themselves while still feel that something of value has been gained to make their time spent worth it. For some attendees, the most anticipated event on your agenda is the tradeshow. It’s an opportunity for them to make new connections, finally put a face to an email address and, often times, win some prizes to take home and enjoy the fun, exciting entertainment you have in store for them. For sponsors, it’s a time to make 1-on-1 connections and close business.

These easy tips will keep your sponsors excited, your attendees engaged and your tradeshow from becoming mundane! Contact ASE Group if you would like us to help you design an engaging tradeshow to keep your sponsors and attendees coming back for more.

ASE Group Tradeshow

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