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Franchising World Magazine

Franchising World Magazine“Keen attention to detail allows the creation of a unique differentiation for clients and transforms meetings and events into a brand communication opportunity. Our distinct process ensures that attendees experience a flawless convention all while spending thoughtful and meaningful dollars on the key takeaways; allowing the guest to relax and absorb the content from keynote speakers, management team and fellow attendees … Designing a budget for a successful convention takes a delicate balance of operational logistics and creative design. A decisive, well planned and executed event will have attendees leaving with a clear vision, and more importantly the energy and motivation to take your strategy, vision and focus to implement upon their return.”

– Bonnie Siegel & Rameka Sahadeo


Event Solutions Magazine

Event Solutions Magazine“The industry that we thought would rebound back to huge client budgets and no limit to our creativity is being replaced with a recalibrated approach to what our clients are spending and expecting, and how we are judged for our performance. We’re being asked to utilize technology to respond more quickly, incorporate social media into marketing and running events, and guarantee ROI.”

– Bonnie Siegel


Restaurants & Institutions Magazine

Restaurants and Institutions Magazine“Bonnie Siegel has created a business around trying to make meetings such as franchise conventions an extension of an operator’s branding. President and Chief Executive Officer of restaurant meeting firm ASE Group, Inc. of Kansas City, she says that meetings provide a unique way for restaurant companies to show their franchisees and managers how to put corporate branding into effect.

For instance, if Siegel is planning a meeting for a concept that has built its brand around plush service, she trains the workers at the convention space or hotel to use the restaurant company’s service standards.

‘If you are talking about hot food, then it would be our job to make sure that nothing comes out of the kitchen that isn’t hot,’ Siegel says.

She also helps operators plan conventions or franchisee meetings in a locale that fits the company’s agenda. If a company wants to compress its meetings into a short period of time, for instance, she recommends that the company stay away from sites focused on leisure activities.

‘If you’re taking your franchisees to Palm Springs, California, but you’re not giving them a minute of down time,’ Siegel says, ‘you could take them to an airport hotel and have the same result.’”

Kansas City Small Business Monthly

KC Small Business Monthly“Behind every meeting, large or small, internal or external, there should be a game plan that delivers the company’s message and vision, always with the intent of enhancing the brand. The strategy must, of course, address your goals and objectives for the event or meeting – what do we need to do and how are we going to get there – but all within the framework of promoting your company’s brand.

Experience has shown that a true combination of creative elements integrated with logistical prowess is a sure formula for a well-executed event that promotes and enhances your brand.”

– Bonnie Siegel, President & CEO, ASE Group, Inc.


Successful Meetings Magazine

Planners Challenge Hotels’ Penalties

“Spearheading a new push for a ‘level playing field’ between hotels and planners, an Overland Park, Kansas-based independent planning firm announced in May its contracts with hotels will insist on commissions when hotels charge for underutilized room blocks or cancellations.

Bonnie Siegel, president of A Special Event Inc., says her company’s contracts now obligate hotels to pay full commission on any revenues generated from attrition charges.”

The Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Business Journal“ASE program’s go beyond the norm by delivering unique, creative themes that enhance the client’s overall marketing message. The result is greater return on investment for the client as the program itself becomes a part of the client’s marketing mix.”

Special Events Magazine

“Today, it’s not enough — and in many cases, not even acceptable — to throw some sand of the floor, ply some Jan & Dean, and call it a beach theme. The corporate market is far too savvy for that. The industry is maturing and, as a result, clients are getting more and more sophisticated. Common themes and decor don’t cut it anymore. We’re reaching out of the box now more than ever, and creating events and themes from scratch. It’s a constant challenge, but it makes it more exciting for us.”

The Best of Business Kansas City

Best Event Planner | ASE Group, Inc. | Gold Award
“… The ASE Group call themselves the ‘ultimate professionals’ when it comes to corporate meetings, conventions, travel and event planning, and its clientele would seem to agree. The Overland Park firm wins the GOLD.”

The Event Professional

“… ASE Group is not a service provider, but a product leader. The product in this case is a meeting, event or final outcome of any other project for which ASE is contracted.

‘If you provide a service, people don’t perceive a need for you,’ Siegel says, ‘because a service is something that exists in lieu of doing it yourself. If you provide a product, there is always a need for you, because people don’t want a commodity. They want what they don’t have or can’t do themselves.’

‘Anyone can be a service. But we manage our service in such a way that it becomes an ASE product’ It does that, Siegel says, not by packaging themes or creating pricing lists, but by educating the client that ASE produces something tangible, with concrete results, something the client would not have been able to produce on its own.”

Meetings Today Magazine

“ASE Group was the company that actually listened to us and answered the questions we asked, instead of telling us what they were good at doing – and that focus got them the contract that year, and in ensuing years as well.”

– Bob Palmer, Senior Manager of Betchel Power & Industrial


Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Independent Thinking:
Should third parties earn commissions? That is the question …

“It was Bonnie Siegel, who runs A Special Event Inc. in Overland Park, Kan., who first began championing the idea of commission on attrition the first time one of her clients had to pay damages … “

Special Events Magazine

“Teaching clients how to use the entire scope of the meeting agenda as a marketing tool is the goal of ASE Group, Inc. ‘Everything should be viewed as a marketing opportunity,” Siegel says. ‘Even the logistics, such as why we would suggest a particular location or hotel. It’s all integrated into providing a complete marketing strategy for the client, as opposed to creating just an event.'”


“Siegel’s biggest relationship-building challenge may be internal, with her employees. Employee relations are crucial, she explains, because future expansion depends on staffing. She hires with an eye on the long haul, rather than just on immediate needs, and tries to make work friendly and fun.”

“We’ve defined and mastered the art of building relationships.”

– Bonnie Siegel


Corporate Meetings & Incentives Magazine

“As more companies consolidate their shrinking resources, professional independent event managers are rising to the occasion. Bonnie Siegel’s firm, A Special Event, Inc., headquartered in Overland Park, KS, is one example of a growing number of independent event management firms.

Experts like Siegel help orchestrate a memorable experience for attendees. These event management experts can help you create the concept, design the individual activities, select the sites, contract all personnel, manage the activities, and even evaluate the effectiveness of the program.”

Event Solutions Magazine

“… planners need to think ‘outside the box’ when planning events. This means not relying on the old tried but true standards when a client comes to a planner with a message they want to get across to their group.”

Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Can Commissions Be Earned On Empty Rooms?
Planners Make Attrition Pay

MeetingNews Magazine

“Our goal at ASE is to teach our clients how to use their meetings as an ultimate marketing tool and executable medium for their communication and training needs.

By offering new-media services in-house, ASE not only can develop products faster and cheaper than an outside tech vendor, but also can develop more message-focused media because of ASE’s intimate familiarity with the client’s marketing and training needs”

– Bonnie Siegel


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