Let’s Go Chiefs!

We are thrilled to see the AFC West Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 1st KC home playoff game in 6 years! During football season, all Friday’s are a RED FRIDAY!

We appreciate the Kansas City Business Journal featuring our team’s distain for a colleague’s alliance to the Steelers.



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One Response to “Let’s Go Chiefs!”
  1. Nancy Lemke says:

    Hello – my name is Nancy Lemke with Gane Brothers/Apex Vinyls in Chicago. A while ago you purchased from Apex Vinyls under Jon Weinstein. Gane has since purchased Apex Vinyls and can provide ASE with decorative patents and other unique products. I am going to be in Kansas next week and I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with your Purchasing Manager and show some of the items Gane has to offer. Would you be so kind as to let me know if you had a minute for me to introduce myself and leave a brochure of items. Above is my email – my phone is 630-728-9957 and I thank you in advance. Nancy

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