Optimizing Your Franchisee Conventions: Part 1 – Maximizing High Attendance

When communicating to franchisees, it is important to understand how to get more franchisees to attend your convention, how to get the maximum benefit from your conventions, and how you can extend the life of your conventions and ensure you derive the maximum benefit from them. Evan Hackel with Franchise Update, dives into the “How” of optimizing your franchisee conventions by explaining it below.

Maximizing Attendance
The question is, how do you maximize attendance? The long-term answer to this issue is to have an event so valuable that no franchisee would want to miss it. This topic will be addressed in the second part of this series. So let’s look at some short-term ideas:

Culturally, you need to make your convention a “Must Attend” event.
You start this process in the recruiting stage. When you are presenting your brand to a potential franchisee, talk about your convention as one of the major benefits of being part of your organization, and why no one would want to miss it. Continue developing the idea that this is a “Must Attend” event during onboarding and throughout the entire relationship with your franchisees.

Ensure that your staff sees your convention as a “Must Attend” event.

It’s amazing how often your own staff doesn’t fully understand the value of the event. Your staff’s attitude is critical to attendance, and how they present the concept (and encourage attendance) to your franchisees will have a large impact on getting people excited about attending the conference.

Measure results, looking at the sales and profitability growth of the attendees versus those who don’t attend.

In working with several franchisor clients it’s amazing to note the correlation between conference attendance and sales growth and profitability. This, of course, reinforces the value of the event and gives franchisees a great reason to attend.

Get your advisory council involved.

A call from a council member is much more effective than a call from staff. If your council members have regions, have a fun contest and give a small prize to the region with the highest attendance.

Host your convention in the best month for the event, not the least expensive month.

For example, the best month could the one that conflicts the least with your organization’s sales cycle.

Provide economic incentives at the convention.

Offering special buys and lower-cost services if purchased at the convention provides value, makes selling easier, and is an incentive to attend.

If your conventions are mandatory, use a variance committee for franchisees to approve anyone who cannot attend.

This takes the heat off management, and franchisees are normally tougher than management.

If your penalty for non-attendance is termination, provide an option of a fine instead; termination is too drastic.

Put the funds for the fines in a special account available for franchisees with financial hardship who need some financial assistance to attend. The same variance committee can choose who receives the funds. You also can do fundraising for that account. Having an auction to raise money for the fund can be popular, fun, and makes the point of how important your conventions are.

Plan your conventions at least 12 months in advance and offer a special for signing up for the next convention at the current one.
The convention is when franchisees are the most excited. It’s easier to sign up people then, plus it saves you from having to make an effort later.

Always promote what will be new at your convention.
What is new will be of the highest interest and encourage the most attendance. This further reinforces among your franchisees that they will indeed be missing something of value by not attending, which builds upon the concept of your convention being a “Must Attend” event.

Evan Hackel is the Principal and Founder of Ingage Consulting. For more information, contact Evan Hackel at: (781) 569-5900 or ehackel@ingageconsulting.com and view the article referenced, please follow this link: www.franchising.com/articles/optimizing_your_franchisee_conventions_.html

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How do you build a great team?


Last week teams across the country celebrated Opening Day of Major League Baseball. The most important piece of opening day are of course the teams! Here at ASE Group we cheered for the 2015 World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals. The Royals are a team that have shown that working together creates championship results. One element that helps the team succeed is the communication between players. For example, our catcher, Salvador Perez and our pitcher, Edinson Volquez. These two key players demonstrate effective and clear communication, the duo is able to manage and set expectations, therefore helping to lead their team on the path to success.

ASE Group has found the same type of team practices to be successful. Over the years, these tips have motivated us to be the best we can be and live by our “I Can, I Will” mantra.

Setting and Managing Expectations through Effective and Clear Communication

Everyone has expectations as to how and when they want a task completed. It is crucial when working with a team to effectively manage those expectations and understand how every member of your team works. New priorities constantly come up while you are on-site and preparing for event. Ensuring that your expectations are communicated as to how and when you would like the project to be accomplished is crucial in the success of the team. Never assume that someone knows the order in which the items should be completed. By clearly communicating the expectations, you and your team can then prioritize what is most important and be on the same page which will trigger tasks to be completed in a timely and productive manner.

When it comes to our clients, we value open communication and dialogue that allows us to understand expectations for their meetings and events. In order for the ASE Group team to achieve this, we have to be able to effectively and clearly demonstrate it with each and every member.

Having a great team behind you is important, whether you are playing in the championship game or creating a spectacular meeting or event. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work.

Contact us to share your tips that you have found successful with your team here or visit our website at www.ase-group.com where you can see what drives our

“I Can, I Will” attitude.

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Spring has sprung at ASE Group!


Spring has sprung.  If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to “get organized” and somehow now that is a distant thought, we hope the following, Spring’s you into action. ASE Group wanted to share some top Springtime organizational tips to freshen up your desk as well as your work. Read more

We LOVE our new and improved office!

Welcome to our new office, where all the magic happens! With Valentine’s Day a few days away, what better way to say to how much we appreciate each and every one of you than by sharing where we love to spend our time! At 6600 College Boulevard in Overland Park, we do more than create one of a kind meetings and events!

See it for yourself!

ASE Group is an industry leader in delivering innovated meetings and events that infuse creative brand messaging and flawless execution to engage attendees and inspire action. This new office is the perfect environment for our team to brainstorm and create ideas that we know our clients will love. The passion and love that lives here is like no other as every member of the ASE Group team lives by our core values – respectfully speak your truth, sense of urgency, accountability, passion, creativity, and building relationships. We invite you to come see us in action!

You can also read more about our story or contact us with any questions. See what’s happening in the industry by following us!


Happy Holidays & New Year’s!!

Happy HolidaysYou know we can’t smile without you,
We love partnering with you,
We have the will, we have the skill,
Leading with ‘I can, I will’

Happy Holidays & a Joyous New Year from the ASE Team!

ASE Holiday Greetings

Projection Mapping – One of the Fastest Growing Tech Trends of the Year

Projection Mapping is all over the lips of the A/V world, as it is one of the fastest growing tech trends. This technology has been emerging for some time; the most recognizable use would be the Madonna Superbowl Halftime show. If you have not experienced all that is projection mapping, I suggest you get on board as it is the future of A/V technology.

A quick synopsis of the technology: Projection mapping allows you to use virtually any object to turn it into a “screen”.  Instead of using traditional lighting to create the look of a stage, projection mapping uses HD video, animation, motion graphics and images to turn a surface into a screen.  Whether your canvas is a building façade, car, or an object on stage – video can be projected without any loss of clarity. Read more

Creating Successful Sponsorships – Everyone Has a Seat at the Table

Sponsor and Vendor contributions are pivotal to the success of meetings, conferences and events. Yes, everyone understands the importance of developing a sponsorship program that will attract sponsors to contribute and off-set the costs of their event; but after securing your sponsors what do you do with them?  Now-a-days sponsors are more invested in their ROI (or what ASE Group likes to call ROMI – Return On Meeting Investment) than just seeing their name printed in an attendee packet. Read more

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